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Fionnuisce Water and Home Dispenser Products

Pure, Clean, Healthy Irish drinking Water
Delivered Direct to your Home

Who says water dispensers are just for the office? Ever wished you had you
very own water dispenser at home. Our range of dispensers allow quick
and easy access to pure drinking water for you and other
members of your household! If you are currently
buying expensive and heavy bottled
water from supermarkets then
get in touch with us and your poor
back and wallet will soon have
you wishing you'd called us sooner!

Call 1850 765 432

No More Heavy Bottles to carry home. Save Money - More Economical.

No more taste of Chlorine in your Drinking Water, Tea or Coffee.

No Expensive Filters to Change. Eliminate Risk of Drinking dangerously Contaminated Water.

Reduce the amount of Fizzy Drinks Children Drink.

Wash and Cook your Food, Fruit and Vegetables with Pure Water.

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