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Gone are the days when bosses expected employees to bring their own drinking water into work or drink straight from the tap! No thank you! Happy workers make more productive workers. Comfort at work and a feeling that your needs are being cared for play a large role in staff satisfaction and moral. Providing your staff with easy access to chilled pure water making refreshment easily accessible, reducing dehydration and helping to satisfy your workers.

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Legislation states:

1. An adequate supply of wholesome drinking water shall be provided for all persons at work in the workplace.

2. Every supply of drinking water required by paragraph (1) shall -
(a) be readily accessible at suitable places; and
(b) be conspicuously marked by an appropriate sign where necessary for reasons of health or safety.

3. Where a supply of drinking water is required by paragraph (1), there shall also be provided a sufficient number of suitable cups or other drinking vessels unless the supply of drinking water is in a jet from which persons can drink easily.
So there you have it! The law has spoken!

Satisfy the thirst of your entire staff, visitors and clients with a professional office water cooler. Placed in the reception area of an office, a water cooler gives a professional impression and means that clients waiting for a meeting can enjoy a chilled glass of water while they wait.

All of our coolers, in addition to providing instant chilled drinks, have the option to provide hot water for tea, coffee, soup, etc. Fionnuisce's coolers save time, offer convenience and promote a healthier lifestyle!

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