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Terms & Conditions
  1. The term of this Agreement is a minimum period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of the signing hereof (“the minimum period”) and thereafter it will continue in force until cancelled by either party.

  2. The term of this Agreement is a minimum period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of the signing hereof (“the minimum period”) and thereafter it will continue in force until cancelled by either party.

  3. All water dispenser(s) and bottles held by the customer are and will remain the property of Fionnuisce Limited.

  4. The customer is responsible for the safekeeping of all dispenser(s) and all bottles that are in their possession at all times. Damage or neglect to the dispenser(s) or bottles, however caused will result in the forfeiture of any deposits paid on that specific item. In the event of the total loss of a dispenser howsoever caused the customer will reimburse the cost of the dispenser to Fionnuisce.

  5. The customer is responsible for the exterior cleanliness of the machine and must keep the exterior clean at all times. No foreign items may be placed on or against the dispenser(s) or on the bottle(s).

  6. The customer must at all times store all bottles, whether full or empty, in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight, preferably in the dark. Under no circumstance may bottles be stored outdoors.

  7. Under no circumstances must any other liquid or substance other than Fionnuisce water be placed in a Fionnuisce owned water bottle. Failure to adhere to this condition will result in forfeiture of the deposit paid on the damaged item, or where a deposit was not paid on that item an invoice for the replacement of that item.

  8. Only Fionnuisce water may be dispensed through Fionnuisce owned water dispensers. If Fionnuisce becomes aware that a third party’s water has been dispensed through a Fionnuisce owned water dispenser, the dispenser will be sanitised immediately at the customer’s expense. The cost of this exceptional maintenance to the customer will be €100 + VAT.

  9. Fionnuisce will ensure that all dispenser(s) are in working order and should a dispenser not be repairable on site, it will be replaced with a new dispenser within 7 (seven) working days.

  10. By signing this contract to avail of a free dispenser, the Customer is agreeing to purchase a minimum of four 19L bottles of water per month (forty-eight bottles per year). The company will deliver the minimum of four bottles each calendar month to the customer, the customer will be charged for these bottles at the price stated overleaf.

  11. If on the signing of this contract the Customer does not wish to purchase the minimum requirement per year, the dispenser will be charged at an annual rental fee of €99.00 + VAT per year, payable in advance or by ten monthly instalments of €9.90 + VAT paid by standing order.

  12. If on the date of cancellation of this contract, the customer did not order the minimum number of bottles, Fionnuisce reserves the right to charge the €99.00 + VAT rental fee as set out in 11. above. Fionnuisce reserves the right to offset any deposits that it may be holding against any outstanding amounts due or against the rental fee as set out in11. above.

  13. The customer is required to pay an installation fee on each dispenser as stated overleaf. The installation fee(s) for initial supply of dispenser(s) and the first order of water will be paid upon the signing of this Agreement. Subsequent delivery of dispenser(s) will require additional installation fees. There is a refundable deposit payable on each bottle of water delivered; this deposit is refunded on the next invoice after the bottle has been collected.

  14. The customer will from time to time be assigned a delivery day (“the delivery day”) when Fionnuisce will be delivering in their area. The customer will telephone or e-mail Fionnuisce with their requirements for water no later than 6.00 pm on the evening before the delivery day.

  15. All services are to be either prepaid or COD unless agreed otherwise. Payment can be made by way of cash, cheque, debit/credit card or credit transfer. If credit terms are agreed, payment must be made with 14 days of the end of the month. Credit terms will be revoked if two or more payments are missed and all deliveries will revert back to COD.

  16. Fionnuisce reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 8% APR on outstanding balances.

  17. Failure to pay any outstanding amounts due within the terms herein will result in the termination of delivery of water to the customer, forfeiture of any deposits paid and the removal of all Fionnuisce owned property from the customer’s premises.

  18. At any time after the minimum period, Fionnuisce may increase the prices listed herein for the services. Fionnuisce will inform the customer in writing of these increases, which will take effect from the next invoice after the date of the letter notifying the customer of the increase.

  19. Upon termination of this agreement the customer will make all dispensers and bottles in their possession available for collection by Fionnuisce within 30 days of receipt of notification of cancellation, subject to 21. below.

  20. If the dispenser or bottles are not made available for collection for whatever reason, the customer will be invoiced the full cost of the dispenser (€199+VAT) and/or €10.00 + VAT for the bottles.

  21. Where there is a balance outstanding on the customers account at the time this agreement is cancelled, that balance must be paid for in full before the dispenser and/or bottles are returned. Liability for the safe keeping of the dispenser and bottles continues to rest with the customer as set out in this agreement. If the balance has not be paid in full within 14 days of the date this agreement is cancelled, then an invoice for the value of €199.00 + VAT will be issued to the customer for each dispenser still on site and €100.00 + VAT for each bottle still on site.

  22. In the event that invoices are issued for the dispenser and bottles and should the outstanding amount be paid within a further 14 days then then a credit note will be issued for the dispenser and bottles. However if the outstanding balance is not paid and the dispenser and bottles not returned within those 14 days, then monthly interest will be charged at the rate of 8% APR on the entire amount until the balance is paid in full. Should the balance still be outstanding three (3) months after the date of cancellation then the entire balance is handed to a third party debt collection agency.

  23. On termination of this agreement, Fionnuisce will refund all deposits due to the customer within 30 days of collection of the dispensers and bottles subject to all of the terms of this agreement being satisfied.

  24. By ordering water and using services provided by Fionnuisce, the customer is agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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